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Add On Services

Stuffed and Sealed Payroll Checks and Vouchers

 We can stuff and seal your employees checks in our security envelopes and mail them direct.


Employee Direct Deposit Service

Your employees' net pay is deposited into their personal bank account. You can also save paper by choosing to have your employee's check stubs securely emailed.

Signed Payroll
and Deduction Checks

We can electronically upload your signature to our secure servers and automatically print it onto your payroll checks each pay period.

Online Payroll Entry

With our online platform you can take your payroll into your own hands and have the flexibility of entering your payroll online when it's most convenient for you. 

Electronic Payroll Report Delivery

Your payroll reports will be emailed to you through our secure 128 bit encryption   service, eliminating shipping costs and unnecessary paper waste.

Online File Management

Use our File Guardian service to create an online file cabinet to keep payroll reports, quarterly returns and employee check stubs safe and organized on our secure network.

Electronic Check Stub Delivery

Check stubs are securely emailed directly to employees' personal email account. They are able to view check stubs and pay history using personal logins.

Time And Attendance Overview

Automated timekeeping drastically cuts administrative work required to prepare payroll, saving you time and money. Our products and services are both simple and reasonably priced because we understand that there is a need for a user friendly and cost effective time and attendance service.

How Does It Work?

Your employees punch in and out through a pin, swipe of a card, biometric scan, a web browser or over the phone. The Time and Attendance records are immediately available to your supervisors and Eagle Payroll. From the online site, you can verify and edit employee punches, and see updated totals.